Round Glass Pendant Light



Diameter 100CM Diameter 80CM Diameter 60CM Double 100+60CM

Round Glass Pendant Light


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Diameter 100CM Diameter 80CM Diameter 60CM Double 100+60CM
Product Description

Round glass pendant relies on transparency to create sparkling light, featuring a ring of hand-blown glass, each housing its own light source.


  • A belt of glass blocks make up the shade, resulting in beautiful light refracting and reflection. A elegant air that is also relevant in modern spaces;
  • Perfect for your Dinning room, Living Room and Bedroom; 


  • Fixture finish: Glass, Brass and LED strip
  • Available in Light Patterns: Diameter 60CM/ 80CM/ 100CM
  • Length of hanging wires: 1.5M, Adjustable
  • Canopy Shape: Round

Fixture Dimensions:

Single Ring 100CM Diameter 100CM, H 11CM
Single Ring 80CM Diameter 80CM, H 11CM
Single Ring 60CM Diameter 60CM, H 11CM

Lighting Source:

  • LED Strip Wattage: 104W/ 80W/ 56W
  • Light Color temperature: Warm white 3000K
  • Voltage: 100-265V

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