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About us

AURORAE SHOP is an emerging internationally acclaimed E-commerce store that offers various products that make you enjoy your life. We've engaged in wholesale offline business for some years and have good knowledge of experiences and channels in trades with our clients. As such, we have the capacity to forward high-quality and inexpensive products to your specific address, fast and secure.

As an emerging business in the world of e-commerce, we are wholly specilizing in giving you the chance to encounter the best shopping experience. It is therefore of extreme value to us when you communicate with us without bias. We urge you to never shy away from contacting us in case of any problems you encounter with any of our products.

In order to fully meet your demand to ensure that you are beyond satisfied when you trade with us, AURORAE SHOP not only supports you directly make orders online, but also welcomes your wholesale offline orders.

Enjoy your shopping at AURORAE SHOP!